Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around corner, and Kembrel (one of my current obsessions) has some AWESOME sales that would make perfect gifts for that special someone. I’ve already bought myself and my sister (who reads my blog so I’m not going to say what) two necklaces, and I’m definitely forwarding the link to my boyfriend ;)

Here’s just a preview of what’s on sale:

The Valentine’s Day essentials for guys offers a nice variety of items that will surely impress your man! Can he not go anywhere without his iPad? Get him a stylish Moshi iPad case! Does he love working out at the gym? What about a eco-friendly Hydros water bottle? Is he always late picking you up on a date?  I’m sure a watch by Phosphor will solve that problem!

The Valentine’s Jewelry section made me drool.  From the exotic Taara pieces, the adorable One Luv necklaces, and the stunning selection by Juliet & Co, you won’t know where to start! I wouldn’t worry too much over what you choose for your girl though, because any of these pieces are sure to win her over!

Or what about some sweet headphones? The ones on sale by WeSC are definitely unique and make a statement. I love all the different colors and patterns to choose from! Perfect for any music lover, girl or guy!

Finally, why not sit and enjoy a book together? Kembrel has a nice selection that range from funny to romantic. There’s really something for everyone. Read actual love letters collected across America or love poems written by some of history’s greatest poets. Spice up your love life with a handbook or read about the most inspiring and romantic locations in Italy and France. Even if you’re single, these are sure to be an interesting read (if you believe your true love is written up in the stars, why not check out Cosmic Coupling?) 

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